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Title: Anxiety
Author: royal_chandler
Rating: PG
Summary: Frankie knows that he's approaching dangerous territory but he can't help himself. Short little ficlet.
Disclaimer: I do not own AMC or any of its characters, ABC does.
Note: This was written back a couple of months ago when Ambyr Childers was still playing Colby and the character was beginning to have feelings for Frankie.


Frankie wasn’t exactly sure when it had started but the minute he’d let himself inhale the jasmine scent of her fragrance, he knew he was in trouble. They’d be in the cafeteria having lunch and she had offered to take up his tray along with hers. Being the gentleman he was, he quickly stood and declined her offer but being the stubborn young woman that he admired, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Colby retrieved the tray from his unwilling hands and collapsed it on top of her own. She promptly spun on her heel and with a satisfied smirk left towards the garbage disposal, her subtle scent left behind.

Frankie knew it was wrong to watch Colby chew on her lower lip and enjoy it, however he seemed to have no control over his optic nerves when she nervously handled what would be her acceptance letter to PVU. Later that day he would try to convince himself that coral wasn’t his favorite color.

Frankie knew he was a goner when he could picture her cerulean eyes within a second. He knew where the specks of green hid and how pronounced her eyes would appear when he let himself have the pleasure of complimenting her.

A line had been crossed the day that he thought of how her lips would feel against his. It had been her eighteenth birthday and her favorite patient, Diane, had gotten her great-granddaughter to bring in a cupcake for Colby. Colby had asked him to stay around while she made her wish. When she bit into the pastry, sweet icing covered her top lip and she darted out her tongue to lick it off. Frankie was allergic to chocolate but at that moment he would endure anything to taste it mingled with Colby.

He was doomed when she walked up to him with her head held high and her face baring confidence. She was out of her scrubs and looked to have taken a shower there at the hospital; the jasmine was so overwhelming that he almost missed it when she asked, “Frankie would you like to go out with me sometime?”